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FIN302 ONLINE (rev 2015a): Personal Financial Planning (for GE Credit) - Fall 2017

Section: Fin302-01-02-catalog-13427-and-13553
Taught by: Mike Phillips


Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement. Now also open to business and economics majors. Examination of the concepts necessary for the rational allocation of personal resources. Emphasis is on the significant financial decisions facing each household during its life cycle. The role of financial institutions and governmental economic policy is evaluated in the context of their potential impact on personal financial planning. (Available for General Education, Lifelong Learning & Information Competency)

This version of Fin302 is an online version of Personal Finance taught using the www.BoringFinance.com platform and the www.WileyPLUS.com learning platform.

There is no additional fee for CSUN students to use the www.BoringFinance.com website for this class.

There is a charge to acquire access to the class online textbook, Personal Finance by Bajtelsmit, which is available at the campus bookstore or at www.WileyPLUS.com.


FIN 491ABH and FIN 491 BBH: Student Portfolio Seminar - Fall 2017

Section: 19693--19782
Taught by: James Chong and Mike Phillips


This course is for the Undergraduate Student Portfolio seminars.

This intense course is a seminar team-taught by Prof. G. Michael Phillips and Prof. James T. Chong.  While there are two separate classes, they primarily meet together in JH2228, the Financial Planning & Investments Lab.  Students will be exposed to what is happening in each class. 

From time to time the classes will meet separately in times and locations to be announced in the syllabus or in class.

Admission to this class is by application and permission only.  It is a high intensity, high value, learning experience in which students work as part of a portfolio management team responsible for several large real-money portfolios. 

Students will be exposed to professional money management techniques, particularly as applied to endowment funds, pension funds, and other pooled investments with longer time horizons.

This class is NOT a day trading course and does NOT focus on "stock picking" or voting on "what's hot".  This class DOES focus on cutting edge portfolio construction and management techniques and how they relate to a variety of other coursework presented in the College of Business curriculum.

Grading is predominantly based on class participation.  Students are expected to be prepared, attend regularly and on time, and to fully participate in class discussion, assigned activities, and out-of-class projects and exercises.  Students unwilling or unable to work harder for this class than for almost any other class at the University may be well advised to take a different course instead. (There are a series of participation and presentation exercises and grades are based on the lowest earned of each particular assignment.  It's not onerous, just do your work.)


The classes are designed so that some students will be able to take both Fin491A-BH and Fin491B-BH (but only one at a time) to make a year long hands-on portfolio management experience.

online application manager: Application for Portfolio Seminar Admission - Fall 2017

Section: 19693-and-19782-application
Taught by: G. Michael Phillips and James Chong

In FIN 491ABH and FIN 491 BBH, a small group of students manage three portfolios, worth millions of dollars, on behalf of CSUN and its affiliated organizations.

Both courses are offered in Fall and Spring, and are open to all students, regardless of major, by competitive admission.

Please read the additional information in the "syllabus" link before applying.

In order to apply for the class, please sign in to www.BoringFinance.com (you might need to create a free account first) and then "add" the Online Application Manager as one of your "courses".  The application essays are in the "Assignments" area of the "Online Applications Manager".  Please note that "adding" the Online Application Manager does not enroll you in the actual portfolio seminar, but simply gives you access to the tools to provide your background information and application essay so you may be considered for the seminar.

The portfolio management seminar is a rigorous, time-consuming, class taught as a challenging "Honors Seminar".  It meets most weeks in JH2228. 

After you provide the necessary application essays using the Online Admission Application tool, you will be informed whether you are admitted to the seminar or not.  If you are admitted, you will be provided a section number and a permission number so you can enroll.