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Fin636: MBA Investments and Portfolio Seminar - Fall 2023

Section: 13615
Taught by: G. Michael Phillips and Mike Phillips


Prerequisite: FIN 502. Seminar in the fundamental and technical analysis of securities and capital markets. Applied financial analysis of firms and their securities; study of institutional forces in the security markets.

Finance 302 Personal Finance: Fin302OL Writing Intensive - Fall 2023

Section: 13676-13736
Taught by: Mike Phillips



This is a writing intensive course.  These sections are graded entirely on the basis of a series of reflection papers covering class material as it relates to the student's financial life.  Curriculum is presented using www.WileyPLUS.com.  All graded assignments are turned in using www.BoringFinance.com .
The WileyPLUS material includes many different exercises, lectures, videos, spreadsheets, and activities to help students gain financial mastery and create prudent habits for a financially healthy future.  Students are encouraged to do all the available WileyPLUS materials. Completion of these assignments will help prepare students to write the required essays which are the basis of their course grades.
Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement.
Fin 302: Examination of the concepts necessary for the rational allocation of personal resources. Emphasis is on the significant financial decisions facing each household during its life cycle. The role of financial institutions and governmental economic policy is evaluated in the context of their potential impact on personal financial planning. (Available for General Education, E Lifelong Learning.) (IC)
This is a Fully Online class (OF/FOA/FOS) in which all class sessions and exams are presented in an online environment. OF courses have no on campus meetings.
Email with the professor is the most efficient way to communicate.

This information is for Fall 2023 Fin302 sections 13676-13736 (Dr. Phillips sections).

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