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online application manager: Application for Portfolio Seminar Admission - Spring 2020

Section: 13915-13925
Taught by: James Chong and G. Michael Phillips

In FIN 491ABH and FIN 491BBH, a small group of students with faculty input manage three portfolios, worth millions of dollars, on behalf of CSUN and its affiliated organizations.

Both courses are offered in Fall and Spring, and are open to all students, regardless of major, by competitive admission.  (You may read the "syllabus" link for this semester's class if you would like more information about the classes.)

In order to apply for the class, please sign in to www.BoringFinance.com. You might need to create a free account first. After logging in, "add" the Online Application Manager as one of your "courses". 

The application essays are in the "Assignments" area of the "Online Applications Manager".  Please note that "adding" the Online Application Manager does not enroll you in the actual portfolio seminar, but simply gives you access to the tools to provide your background information and application essay so you may be considered for the seminar.

If you are not a finance major, you will need to have successfully completed at least one of the 400 level courses in your major.  If you ARE a finance (or related) major, you will need to have successfully completed Fin352 and it is suggested that you have also completed Fin 355.  Fin352 or equivalent is a prerequisite for the B section for all students.

These courses involve a tremendous amount of class participation and discussion, independent and group research, public presentations, and writing.  The use of computers and associated software is assumed.  These courses can be remarkably challenging, but they can also be extremely rewarding.

CSUN's best students are especially encouraged to participate in this focused experience.

The portfolio management seminar is a rigorous, time-consuming, class taught as a challenging "Honors Seminar".  It meets most weeks in JH2228. 

After you provide the necessary application essays using the Online Admission Application tool, you will be informed whether you are admitted to the seminar or not.  If you are admitted, you will be provided a section number and a permission number so you can enroll.